Why? This is the key question that keeps driving me every day of my life. Or just reminds me the way, I want to follow. My path. Or even myself. Why I am doing what I am doing? Why can I do something or why I cannot? Why there are war and disease in the world?

I believe in values. Specifically, I believe in freedom. I believe in learning through wisdom and I believe in development. I believe in expressing thyself. Expressing the thoughts and expressing the emotions. I believe in people and I respect them. And I love hearing people. Cause every person is unique in its way. And I also believe in diversity. Many people with different kind of perspectives can change my way of thinking. My mindset. They can change me and hopefully, I can change them.

So, why have I created this blog? Why this blog is (or should be) unique?

I created this blog for both selfish reasons (like improving myself in writing or building a network of curious people) but also, I created this blog for each and every person who wants to be connected. Because I believe in community. And people seek connection & education. I want to offer them in any way I can, and please give me the chance to take some of them from you.

The vision of this blog is to help individuals to own their path and as a result to connect bridges. Even if that means, to bridge the gap between the one aspect of yourself to other or to bridge the “gap” with other people around you or even professionally.

What would be unique in that blog will depend on the interaction of the readers. At first place, I will try to “talk” about burning issues or taboos. I would like to challenge my readers and make you doubt. Make you think. Because doubting, means freedom.

   Ubi dubium, ibi libertas

At second place, I want to hear people’s opinion. Your opinion. I want to be educated by you and I want to hear your dreams, your desires, your plans, your ambition, yourself! 🙂

And lastly, as I have mentioned above, I want to offer my services to you. As long as you give me permission to do so. Maybe to inspire you or to trigger a thought or an emotion. I want every reader here to embrace their path and start connecting your bridges.

Welcome dear reader and let’s start our journey together!