People are afraid of solitude. And they are afraid of making the extra mile. We are afraid of our feeling. You know, the emotional state, in which you let yourself embrace what is happening both around you and inside you. Well, I have been thinking those insecurities many times in my life, but the phrase that sums everything up is this “Let it all go… See what stays”

There are periods in our lives that after an “explosion” of feelings or intense situations that can cause emotional numbness, and we need to take some time off. We need to close the phone, skip the meetings, forget the deadlines and for some hours (for me days) just to be only with yourself and your thoughts. After tough times, we should give permission to ourselves to express our inner thoughts. We should let our souls rest for a while.

Let it all go…

(a) Denial! It is easier to say to yourself “I am fine. You see… I laugh, so everything is fine”. If that’s the case, can you sleep at nights? This is the first out of the five stages of grief, in which you do not accept the current situation or the feelings it has caused.

Have you ever tried to talk to yourself? Of course, you had! It’s the voice in your head that never stops talking. Have you tried talking to yourself out loud? Well, that is a challenge! Usually, we let ourselves to burst when we are full of (b) anger and rage. When everywhere we see, you can identify “shitty situations with stupid people and everything seems so damn wrong and their fault”.

And as time passes by you start to think “Is it really their fault? Only their fault?”. And now it is the (c) the bargaining phase that you start negotiating with yourself. It’s like trying to find who to blame. “Maybe that’s also my fault. Okay, not all of it, but maybe some”.

“How could I be so fooled? Of course, it is my fault! All my life I make over and over the same mistakes. This is why I won’t ever find happiness”. And as you probably understand that’s the (d) depression stage, in which you understand the current situation, but you tend to be a little more dramatic and everything is black.

Then, black starts to fade and a brighter color starts to appear. This is where (e) acceptance begins. The moment when you have burst everything out. No more tears, no more swearing. “I am who I am. I make my choices”. Just a start of being the “new” you and the journey of self-discovery once more…

See what stays…

A magical transformation!

After all the fuss, all the pain and all the struggle, it is time to define ourselves. Find the part of us that we lost. But still, you are standing. Either as a broken and confused or as a happy and ambitious person.

You are stronger and wiser now. And more importantly, you know you can value the true things and people in your life. Due to the appreciation and the self-forgiving, you have gained through the process of owning your path.

When we are not afraid to let ourselves be, we cannot truly live…