That was my first thought, when I woke up an early morning and listened to a radio show, on how people believed that the leader X at 80’s would make a difference and then a leader Y on the 90’s could enhance their everyday life and finally on 00’s more money would go to people’s pockets. Decade by decade, year by year people get disappointed and they start to judge political or religious leaders, but the “hope” of being saved is never lost.

Those people, people like my parents and grandparents – and probably also yours – learned to believe in someone else. They learned to trust to someone who promised. I am not sure if my generation is more suspicious (or well not so naive) but most of the young people I know, they know that their fate and happiness is mainly at their hand. And they strive for it. Young people, nowadays, tend to believe more in themselves than the previous generations.

Though, both of these generations they learned from their predecessors to wait for someone to save them. They may call them Jesus Christ or Pope Francis, Prime Ministers and in general Presidents of parties or even any inspirational influencers who have many followers (mostly celebrity stars). They do trust people who have a “gift” of speech (or well manipulation) and power. What they don’t understand is that without those followers, those “celebrities” are nothing more than mere people.

But can they truly change the things?

Not really. It’s not just the words that reflect who we are, but mostly our actions. Even though, some of them can be inspiring, in many cases that are not enough. Because getting motivation can be an easy task, but implementing it, is a different story. So, my point is whether we want to change or not is a personal issue. And it is important to be said, that is totally different to think about changing from deciding consciously to change. All in all, it’s a matter of personal responsibility. What to decide or not, what to believe or not. Critical thinking is the keywords in this case.

What is actually behind that blind faith?

Simply said I have found 3 main reasons:

– The fear of indulging ourselves in happiness – because pursuing happiness means try over and over again. It means that happiness is the tough step in the ladder of life and most of the stairs are not that pleasant because they consist of bittersweet feelings and disappointment. Are we sure we want to “sacrifice” our time, for just a feeling?

– The risk of personal responsibility – because in a selfish world, being wrong and the pressure of acknowledging your own mistake can be painful. Who wants to take a risk, that its result is so damn unpredictable? It’s always easier to blame someone else.

– The hope that I need to be saved and wait for it passively – Every person on this world believe in its uniqueness and on its belief of being saved by a savior and he’s mercy. Do we really need to beg someone more powerful instead of making our own luck? For some people to believe means, to act. But to me, just words never changed the world. Actions that followed them, did!

So, please after reading this article let yourself to doubt and question everything you believe until now. Because, the questions we make to ourselves, change how we perceive the world. Just be honest with yourself…