“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” William Ernest Henley said.

Have you ever wondered if the path that you follow is the right one? Do you wonder if your everyday actions reflect to the person you want to be in five to ten years? Well, if the answer is yes, then probably this article can help you out!

  • Why do I need a long – term plan?

Due to the fact that, it enables you to totally compensate for lack of resources and to even achieve better than people who had those resources but didn’t make a strategic plan. Plus, is that the outcome is much more controllable on the long term than it is on the short term. Your goal may be starting your own business but you may fail few times and waste few months before you can actually succeed in doing it.

  • How can I implement this and mostly focusing on my personal development?

1. Know who you are – be the true you. Find who you are according to your preferences. How to do it? Well, you can complete tests like this one.

2. Find your support system to help you overcome your fears. Pick up the phone and call your friends or someone you trust to talk to them. Maybe you need a talk, a break or even being challenged! It is okay sometimes to feel insecure or lost, and those are the moments that you need your support system more than ever.

3. Find your passion. How? By experiencing things! Travel. Meet new people from different backgound or ethnicity. Offer through volunteerim, organize an event, be active! The more you interact, the more you discover about yourself.

4. Make a career plan. Ideally, you can make your idea map. In which, in the centre you put your goal and you sketch around it, bubbles with goals. Watch a helpful video by Google, here!

5. Start implementing it through a project. Make your ideas from above come into action with a project. It may means to open a blog, a start up or simply to offer somehow to society and discover your strengths and your weaknesses through the process.

6. Make one action of kindness per day. Doing good, makes you feel good! Try not only to help yourself but also others. Because through empathy and altruism we become happier! (Tip: You can also keep your everyday kindness journal.)

7. Be flexible! Change when the situations ask for it and usually reflect. The environment changes everyday, so in order to survive (and then thrive) we need to adjust to it. Reflection of the day, has to do with asking the right questions! Keep in mind, complaints won’t help, but positive thinking will!

8. Find a mentor. Having someone as a consultant can provide you with guidance in order to zoom out from daily activities and to see where you stand according to your plan. Also, a mentor can help you change your strategies in order to achieve your goal and support or empower you when you need that.

9. Smile and Laugh! Because it is also important to have fun and enjoying this in the meantime.

10. Keep in mind, you are your own creator. Try not to listen the bullshit and the norms around you – from family to friends or society – and focus on your goal. After all, you choose where you will go! 🙂

I’ve created by myself, those steps one night, that I was wondering about my personal “guide” for success and well-being. I hope it would help you and until we talk again… design your universe and stay strong!