In the deepest corners of our minds. Underneath the surface. Behind the fake smiles, this is where the real battle begins. Me versus Myself. Who would win? Does it really matter? Is it an option or a necessity? Unknown*

(*Unknown is the most commonly used word to describe fear or insecurities, we don’t want to admit to ourlseves)

Until now…

You may be feeling depressed or anxious, like you can’t sleep at nights. Like your mind can’t rid of all the things you’ve been through. And you trust upon that thought, when trying to sleep.

I know that deep down, you seek some tranquillity or harmony but you can’t find it anywhere near or inside you. This is the point, I would like to point out, you are not alone. I have been there. And many other as well…

This is one of that heroic times of fighting with all your inner strength against your own self. When one piece of you becomes hostile with another one. And you can’t clearly pick a side, because you are somehow a part of both of them. And you wish and you hope for those voices to shut up, and to be someone a winner or something. Just to stop. But never is that easy, isn’t it?

You may have divided the parts of you in “good & bad”, “angels or demons” or “beautiful & awful” or anything controversy. But those lebels, can’t help you. They are not healthy for you. Because:

  1. At first place, they are not accurate.
  2. Secondly it’s like you judging yourself and confining yourself into small boxes of “comprehension” and
  3. Thirdly, is it necessary to choose a side? Not really! You are the combination of those powers.

What have I done and succeeded? I started talking with those voices. Get to know them, I started asking them what do they want and what I can give to them. I wanted to understand their screams. Their suffering. I wanted to be there for them. And guess what? All they wanted was to be heard. Peace comes when you start to understand your inner voices…

And the most accurate advice that I have helped me is this one:

Choose your battle wisely.

Because life, at the biggest part of it depends on our choices. Sometimes, it is about fighting yourself and some parts of it, because through those “ashes” something new can be reborn. A new side of you. It may be hurtful, it may beautiful. But it is you.

Other times, it is not about fighting. It is about acceptance. Sometimes it is wiser to be open and to whisper: “I embrace myself”. By repeating it, you will start to understand that only by start loving your parts you can be strong again.

All I want to say is that battles like these are inevitable. There is no loser or winner. There is only you. Stronger. Wiser. More mature. Don’t be afraid to let it all go and see what stays…

There are some parts of the puzzle that don’t fit. And that’s okay. Remember! When you try to fix a puzzle, do you try to unite the right pieces together or to transform the one that doesn’t fit? 

When you try to fix/build/create your life, do you try to unite the right pieces together or to transform the one that doesn’t fit?