A poem full of deadly questions, in a journey through your deepest corners. Questions that you are afraid to ask yourself, and even more to answer them.


Have you ever felt tranquillity? (Deadly silence)

An inner serenity?

A sweet and distant gloom?

A day beyond the trivial?



Have you ever felt… (Beyond your senses)

Have you ever felt so much loneliness, that you wish someone to notice?

Have you ever realized how much indifference exists, so that you cannot stand anymore?

Have you ever walked thinking about your life, on a rainy night?



Have we ever imagined the world so different? (Something ethereal)

A world of love?

A planet of comprehension?

The people so different?


Have you ever understood what this world needs?  (Sounds)

Have you ever heard, words that have never be spoken? Someone walks…

Have you ever felt, the words on nature to crumble? Trees so sad…

Have you ever understood the silence of the universe meant? An ocean erupts…


Have we ever seen? (Reflection)

Have we ever seen, our faces, in their true form?

Have we ever seen, what we hold inside? Among or beyond the demons…

Have we ever seen ourself in the mirror, the day?



Have you ever noticed yourself? (A kid)

Who are you?

Why you are, the one who you are?

How have you become as the years passed by?


Have you ever wept? (Even as a habit)

Because of a stupid failure?

Because of something meaningless?

Because of fear?


Have we ever found a purpose? (An end)

Something to chase?

An inner inquiry?