“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions!”

Achieving worldwide peace is a challenge. And finding our inner peace can be a challenge. Can we by finding the second one, achieve the first one? That’s an utopic thought, and for idealistic people like me, sounds appropriate. But, we are here to focus on “us” and our well-being. Specifically, I will share with you…                


Which are the five actions that can make me find my inner peace?

  1. Meditation is the process in which you “discharge” yourself and you let all the thoughts and feelings go. It is a spiritual “liberation”. I suggest using applications like omvana, in which you can choose to meditate in different kind of levels and timing (from five minutes to hours), according to your needs. You can meditate anytime of the day, but it is more preferable to do it at morning because it can help you set your daily goals and start your day energized.
  2. Walks around nature during long-time walks, for example after work, you can clear your thoughts and your mind, by observing or to be accurate, by using all of your senses to process and understand what is happening around you. You forget about the chores and you see the contradictions of nature, the sounds of the air, you can touch plants or animals, you can breathe the clear oxygen and you can even taste a fruit. It is being said that nature always brings us closer to who we are. Closer to our roots.
  3. Thinking & Caring are two words that, to me, portray who we are as humans. We use are logic and our intuition. We tend to think about our daily actions (logic) and our people, the ones we love (intuition). When we succeed to combine those two, a moment of pleasure is there for us. For instance, think at a time that you helped a friend to solve his problem, how did you feel? (you used your logic to solve the problem, and also the intuition because you cared about your friend)
  4. Smile, because we do not need to make things around us even more complicated than they already are. Because your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people comfortable around you. 
  5. Reflection is my favorite and top-recommended way to end your day. By making simple questions you can understand and comprehend yourself better. Deeper. No need of judgment or criticism. Just listen, what your deeper self, wants to say/confess/react/improve/check. You spend your day having so many concerns in your mind, spend some minutes just for you and no one else! 🙂 


How these actions help me improve my everyday life and well-being?

They will help you to “grow” more those three key – characteristics to achieve your inner peace: gratitude, acceptance, and hope. To me, those words (or characteristics or values or call them however you want) can help you know yourself better. They can help you find your inner peace by upscaling your everyday life and finally, make you happier with your choices.


Be the master of your life and remember…

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions!”