Lately, due to Presidential Inauguration in the USA, the political games and the forthcoming elections in Europe, a new topic seems to appear on the surface. A word that we seem to have forgotten. Leadership. But, a mere leadership style, those days, the modern and ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution days are not enough. We should talk about responsive leadership. We must talk about responsibility.


Why should I care?

It’s easier for me to say why I shouldn’t care. Because… I am busy, I don’t have time for this, isn’t this why we have politicians for, can’t anyone else think about it, society does not consist only of me, impact is good but it doesn’t bring money to the table, hey I am not the one who loves taking responsibility, sorry different priorities… and many many other excuses that we tell ourselves to calm our consciousness.


So, what responsive leadership means?

It means to take personal responsibility for my role in constructing the society and act upon in. And if we want to have a significant impact we should do it together, through unity.

What we ofter tend to misunderstand is that it is connected to power. And the power is in the hands of few people and who are we to raise up our voices or who will hear us if we speak up? What I would like to point out is the fact that responsible leadership is not a title, has no age, no ethnicity, no religion and it doesn’t matter if you are an unemployed young individual or a marketing manager in a multinational company. You can still impact the world.



How can I impact the world?

  • Through empathy – by building bridges, not walls.

Being a leader doesn’t mean to sit in a luxury and leather chair and giving orders. A leader is someone who donates blood, who help refugees to settle in, to offer his services when they are needed. Not when they are asked, but when they are needed. 

We, modern-aged people, say that we want connection. We have the power of Internet but do we use it to its full potential? Do we discuss, create, contradict, emphasize, care or just consume information?


  • Not to leave anyone behind – transform.

For me, the best way to be transformed as a person or to transform someone’s opinions are by listening. And not any kind of listening, but listening actively. The more you hear diverse opinions, the more you shape a multidimensional personality. Remember! You are what you choose to hear…


  • Share your ideas. Speak up! Talk, write and share.

I know this blog post is not going to be viral, but some people will be influenced by that. My point is to make you think, to challenge you and to let you see a different perspective of thinking. I speak up, what are you doing?

Another example of sharing took part in the WEForum in which, a lady pitched her idea about creating a project in which you can map and see comments about archeological sites in Peru. Then, someone from the audience stood up and said that he liked that project and he wanted to fund it. That man was the Prime Minister of Peru.


Please, don’t you ever forget that your voice matters, more than you think!


Responsive leadership, in many respects, is us recognizing that leadership is a verb and not exclusive to people in power.



This article is based on World Economic Forum and their event that took place in Davos, Switzerland from 17 to 20 January 2017. For more information about the event, you check at WEForum site.