Everyone in their life at same point come across some hardships. The reasons may vary. Health problems, break ups, loss of someone close, financial ones. Bad situations can and will happen no matter if we choose them or not, that is the way nature and the world works.

No matter the case the main reason for you getting in a bad place is because you care. You care about your health, your family, your dreams, your life, your happiness…

It hurts, I know… believe me, I have been there and so have you.

What hurts the most though is when I see people that never recover. Because they see no hope or reason to get back at it and start living. It’s okay. It’s normal. It feels very difficult and it is…

Because falling is quick and staying there feels, strangely, nice. It feels better than climbing back up because getting up needs effort, energy and time. It makes sense to feel like that you have no energy to give.


Is real that the case? Is really not worth it to make that effort?

I know that what you really want is to feel again at ease, to find your balance and that happiness that you can’t feel anymore… I want that for myself too.

I am not writing these words to say that I have figure everything out, that I know exactly what everyone should do to be happy again. I just want to tell you to try and see what happens! Because you deserve to be the best version of you and the world needs it.

Having said that I will try to contribute with my way to this journey of us becoming better and stronger by sharing my findings from my own journey (which is still ongoing…)




5 Steps to deal with hardships + Grow mentally



Acceptance is the first step of the journey. It feels scary because it will unleash all these bad feelings and sadness that you have been holding in for all this time. In the same time, it will allow you to understand what is wrong. Listening to your feelings is the way of discovering what you need to fix so that you can move on. They are basically your compass out of there.

* Listening to your emotions comes for being mindful. Mindfulness means to hear yourself – thoughts, emotions – unbiased with no judgment, no self-sabotage, and no self-doubt. 



After we have figured out what is keeping us back it’s the time to make the choice to deal with it, to face it, to become stronger and better, to become your best version by start acting!

*Remember the best way to make the decision to act is to imagine the payoff – the life situation that you want to be in.



After the choice comes the doing part. I know it’s hard but remember how far you have come by now.  You know that the problem is, you are ready to be happy again! So let’s make it happen! Where to start? It doesn’t matter just start, choose a way and if it doesn’t work choose again… you will get there! You know you will.

*Remember: progress rarely comes as a result of being passive + It takes time! And patience is the key and your strength. So what gives us strength to obtain the patience needed to keep going?



For me is being with my family and my best friends because they support and understand me. Plus, I know that they will keep pushing me to get up because I can be myself with them without being judged or bullied.

*Remember: Through hardships, it is very important to have people to rely on. The so-called support system.



…is the process of deeply understanding what you can learn from the situation and how you can use it to be that best version of yourself. To be with the people you love, do the things you did even though you don’t want anymore and growth mindset.

*Remember: through growth mindset you can face the challenges and the hardships that will get in your way as you are trying to get up.


Finishing this off, I would like to thank Stratis for the amazing article and his message is: “I would like to hear your perspectives and your feedback about my opinion and any advice that you may think that it can help me and the others in this journey of ours”

Don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂