Every now and then, a girl finds herself in different places. She loves travelling.

In every place, she finds something that reminds her of who she is.

Like a sparkle of inspiration. And when the journey begins she realizes…

Sometimes, she is colorful and full of life.

Like an energy comes through her…

Other times, she feels like this journey means a new chapter.

Like opening the door, to a new adventure

And the moment she accepts the adventure, she can hear herself,

honestly and without judgment. Those are her moments

of reflection

reflection_of_myself_owningmypath_leaf_official                 reflection_of_myself_owningmypath_ltheatre_official

This story is about myself. And how I find myself through reflection. Sometimes, being a green leaf among the brown ones or being a cleaner of an abandoned place.

And I always remember this quote when I need a reminder of who I am:

What I choose to see, is a reflection of myself.

#acceptance #adventure #travelling

#nature #theatre

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