In every personal development blog or editorial, I see at least 3 posts around the topic of motivation and inspiration, with the same meaningful and deep quotes that make me think for a second and forget it in two. So, I created my favorite “unmotivational” quotes that at least work for me and make me enjoy (without-guilty) my couch, that I really really love. Hope that help you too.

So, let’s start the unmotivational countdown!

#10 Not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up

Me, you, everyone believes that we will be something unique, super cool and socially approved like being an astronaut. But that’s not the case when reality hits our door. Do we still remember that we can impact the world in different ways?

#9 Vulnerability is for losers

Do you remember the days that people really like you? Do you want to attract that special someone or to build real relationships with people? Be vulnerable. The older you get, the more you will realize how much people respect vulnerability–because deep down, we all wish we could be more vulnerable. But you are more confident when you are wearing your mask, aren’t you?

#8 There’s no such thing as failure

Failure is the reflection of expectation. Without expectation, “failure” does not exist. Whenever something goes wrong, it is seen as a “failure” only in comparison to what you had expected it to be. There is no such thing as failure. Only lessons. Learn those lessons, move forward, and realize you are better now because of it. Though, you prefer to see mediocrity as stability or slow steps for growth? Well, at least be honest with yourself…

#7 Nobody cares

Every and each one of us sees and understand the world by putting our “ego” at the center of it. And we also think that other people care about us and they are there for us and want the best for us… How about not? 

#6 Fire back on feedback or criticism

Because you are not mature enough to listen a different opinion or perspective about your project or even yourself. But you don’t need that. You are perfect, aren’t you?


#5 You Have Not Failed Enough

We keep on saying that failures make us stronger and wiser. And we tend to get easily stressed out and then give up. But you know what? Failures are never enough! Why?

#4 Because We Can’t Handle The Truth

Isn’t easier to listen to sweet and tender excuses than cold reality?

#3 Step out your comfort zone and then step back and appreciate how nice and comfy it is

Like a freezing day in winter. You open up the balcony door, feeling the cold in your face and then say “Meh, it’s probably better staying at home.”

#2 My laziness is like number 8. If it lays down, it becomes infinite

Nothing more to say. Can you be related to me?

#1 Always believe that something wonderful will probably… never happen

The best and ultimate un-motivational quote ever! ❤

If you are at the point of feeling angry or furious, that is because probably some of the questions made you feel uncomfortable – it is the feeling you love to hate after all – trolling around.

Which also means that something deeper underlies there. Try to find an answer to these questions and don’t be afraid of being challenged or unmotivational and don’t forget to laugh.

Let me know your thoughts 😉