Do you remember the feeling when a road trip, a journey is ready to start? That feeling of excitement and impatience with some drops of agony or even worry about…

  • Having packed all my stuff – should I bring my empathy with me?
  • Forget something to turn it off – oops! I forgot to get rid of my negativity.
  • Time runs so slow – and I am so eager to start living!

And like every journey, except the pile of stuff we bring with us everywhere we go, when we visit a place for the first time, the instant impression and feelings that we have, are based on the atmosphere or the mood around it.

So, what makes a journey unique?


1. People around us…

Almost always shape and color our experience with their emotions, thoughts, and attitudes. They somehow give a form the quality of our journey.

People, friends, acquaintances, lovers, friends with benefits, unknown, family, random people, people with no names or labels. Just mere people. Normal people. Some of them come to stay. Lots of them want to teach us something. But most of them just pass by. And for some reason, our journey needed to crossover for a while.

But do you know what kind of impact they have upon us?

“Temporary people have that unique power of giving to us permanent lessons!”

2. Sightseeing – My Choices 

Like in real and regular everyday life, our experience tends to be influenced by our choices. We can either visit museums and discover the treasures of a place by reliving its history, or we can live in present and enjoy the comforts of the present.

We can be anxious about the things we left behind or to stay focus and enjoy each and every moment of the journey. And between you and me, we know that we can’t easily separate those choices.

Let’s just keep in mind…

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”

3. Expectations 

Sometimes the experience that we want to feel is not the one that we face. Though, it doesn’t mean that the journey doesn’t worth living it. It just means that the things we expect to see, do not match with the reality.

To know a place better, we should give it a chance to show its true beauty and identity, and not what we would like to see. Like the interaction with people, we should give time and effort to build a real and a both-sides relationship.

“Truly loving a place means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration for both of you.”

Every journey with its beauty, its challenges, and its lessons. A journey always gives us a new sensation or a new perspective. Both the amount and the volume of the journey is what makes it so intense!

So unique! Unique feelings, people, places, expectations, perspectives, and knowledge…

Wait! Am I still talking about the uniqueness of traveling or the uniqueness of life?