A natural spiritual healer. A traveler. A passionate writer. A crazy dreamer who wants to help (or save) people and see her own impact spreading in the world. Words like creativity, freedom, altruism are sooo attractive to her! Her personality type is INFP.


Ntina is a person that loves nature. She enjoys “climbing” mountains and the inner struggling is her daily bread. Though, the sky… Sorry, the black moon-lighted sky with stars can easily adapt her
from rational person to…


She’s passionate and she’s a mystery. She wants to be engaged with psychology and her philosophical thoughts never cease to exist. Her journey of life is like a roller-coaster. And her emotions, too! And somehow, all the thoughts and her inner motivation needed a way out.

To own her path and to build any bridges for others. 

And this blog is… about letting us help you shape your life & well-being. Her values: #challenge #quality #perspective

This blog is her… salvation!