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Challenging your Perspective

Hardships: The Ultimate 5 Step Guide on How to Handle them

Everyone in their life at same point come across some hardships. The reasons may vary. Health problems, break ups, loss of someone close...

In love with Enchantress | The Broken’s Side

A pale mauve evening the destiny decided two souls to be met. Her name was not known, but she introduced herself as Enchantress...

Responsive & Responsible Leadership | Learn. Think. Act.

Lately, due to Presidential Inauguration in the USA and the forthcoming elections in Europe, a new topic comes on the surface. Leadership.

Peace: Find your inner tranquillity with 5 tips in less than 5 minutes

"Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions!" Achieving worldwide peace is a challenge. And finding our inner peace can be a challenge. Can we by finding the second one, achieve... Continue Reading →

Questions for a Deep Journey in You

A poem full of deadly questions, in a journey through your deepest corners. Questions that you are afraid to ask yourself, and even more to answer them.

Hear. Feel. Learn. From Contradiction to Balance

That's a story of a captain that never gave up. That's a story of loss & learning. This is your story.

Pressure – Find out if you are a “victim”

I know you have the feeling of running and being busy all day, to catch up everything. You sense that pressure too, don't you? Friends, work, chores, household, parties... Do you remember the feeling of being free?

Fighting Myself – an option or a necessity?

In the deepest corners of our minds. Underneath the surface. Behind the fake smiles, this is where the real battle begins. Me versus Myself. Who would win? Does it really matter? Is it an option or a necessity? Unknown* (*Unknown is the... Continue Reading →

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