Owning my path

Challenging your Perspective


owning my path

Painful but Beautiful

"It's beautiful, isn't it? How it all hurts, but we never give up."

Love stories and Relationships | The Modern Edition

This is a real love story that took place a couple of years ago. And it sums up almost everything about the meaning and the feeling of love. But first, let's take a look at the dictionary and the secret ingredients... Continue Reading →

Fear of solitude | Which are the differences of being alone and lonely

Why do we fear to be alone? Why are we afraid of loneliness?

Meditation Basic Guide: Breaking the Myths and Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditation, where one pays attention to the breathing and bodily sensations, is a gateway leading to greater insight about...

Reflection is What I choose to See… My personal story

Every now and then, a girl finds herself in different places. She loves travelling. In every place, she finds something that reminds her of who she is. Like a sparkle of inspiration. And when the journey begins she realizes... Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

In love with Enchantress | The Broken’s Side

A pale mauve evening the destiny decided two souls to be met. Her name was not known, but she introduced herself as Enchantress...

Peace: Find your inner tranquillity with 5 tips in less than 5 minutes

"Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions!" Achieving worldwide peace is a challenge. And finding our inner peace can be a challenge. Can we by finding the second one, achieve... Continue Reading →

Pressure – Find out if you are a “victim”

I know you have the feeling of running and being busy all day, to catch up everything. You sense that pressure too, don't you? Friends, work, chores, household, parties... Do you remember the feeling of being free?

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